Charles E Hughes in action

Charles E. Hughes, Jr – Celebration of Life

Charles Everette Hughes, JRCharles Everette Hughes Jr. (Chuck) transitioned to his next great adventure on February 8, 2021.

Chuck. was born on August 8, 1949 in the hollers of West By God Virginia. Seeking different opportunities, his courageous Mom relocated their family of 5 to the east side of Chicago. He quickly adapted and immersed himself in a life of slick back hair, leather jackets and rock and roll music. When he was an older teen, his family relocated again to Pacifica, CA, in the middle of the hippie revolution. He traded in his leather jacket to join others in a world of music and peaceful protest. His continually evolving diverse adventures eventually led him to settle on the Western Slope of Colorado.

On August 6, 1977 he met his someone, and they proceeded to build a great life together. Charles and Linda married on May 1, 1982 in Fruita, Colorado. Three years after moving to Denver, their daughter Katie was born, she was the apple of his eye, whom he absolutely cherished. Three years after that, his son Charlie was born and they became inseparable best friends and business partners.

In the late 70s -early 80s. Chuck worked in the oil shale mines. Simultaneously he pursued his passion in music and became a highly sought after rhythm lead guitar player. He played in several different bands in honky tonks and festivals all over the state of Colorado. When the mines closed he proceeded to teach himself how to become a master carpenter. Over the last 40 years, he either personally crafted or directed his employees in providing 1000s of metro Denver home owners with remodels of creativity and functional beauty.

A full on working craftsmen until the day he died, his greatest happiness was in teaching his skills to the next generation. He would tell them, you need a hammer, screw gun, drill, some skills and now you gotta way to put food on your table.

Chuck was one of the greats. He was a combination of gentleman with a touch of rascal. He had a great, dry sense of humor we always got the joke 15 minutes later. He had a solid sense of right /wrong, decency /fairness, and had an incredible sense of honesty and integrity.

Chuck is survived by wife, Linda Bollman Hughes and daughter Katie Hughes, Mother, Regenia Rose Stalder, Brother Johnny, Nephews Shawn and Damian Hughes. He is also survived by Pauline Bollman, Timothy and Novi Bollman, Amy and Corey Gates, Lisa and Rolf Stavig, Jennifer and Kirk Higgins and their beloved children.

Chucks overarching belief was that you get back what you put out into the universe. So, make it count.

Charles E Hughes Family