How Long Will It Take To Do My Home Improvement Project?

How long will it take to do your project?

The short answer is that it depends. The long answer is that it depends.

It depends on many different things.

  • Are drawings, engineering or permits required?
    • Typically how long will each take?
  • Are you hiring a general contractor who will do all of this for you, or will you be doing it yourself?
    • Ask each bidder to detail out the major elements/time required of your project with you
  • If doing it yourself, do you have professional guidance in how all the pieces and parts fit together in the right sequence?
    • Contact us, we would be glad to guide you in this important task!
  • Do you have special order materials, can you guarantee that they will be ordered/arrive correctly and in the right sequence?
    • If not, insist that your hired contractor do this for you.
  • If hiring subcontractors, will those special order items be ready to install when they show up?

Answering these questions will take you far in planning the overall strategy of your home improvement project – regardless of the size. Answers to each of these questions will also yield approximate timeframes required for each. Add them all up, multiply by 2 and that should be the approximate duration of time that you should expect.

Why multiply by 2? I guarantee you that there will be unexpected delays – no matter how perfect it sounds on paper. Even then, don’t start a home improvement project with guests coming the day after the scheduled day of completion… unless you both are willing to tolerate some amount of inconvenience. What can go wrong will, and even more so if your mother-in-law is due in on that day.

After you have done this due diligence on your project – big or small – you can talk realistically with your 3 bidders. Ask them how long it will take them to complete their part of your project. Ask them what they need in order to successfully meet this deadline. Make sure they are involved in ordering and measuring the specific materials. Include the timetable in your contract with them. And then let them do their job. Remember, in order for them to do their part, you must do yours.

Once you have done your due diligence in hiring the right company for your project, enjoy the process. It is true that it will be an inconvenience, but one that you asked for. Don’t start your experience with an adverserial attitude with your contractor. You both are now on a wonderful team getting ready to accomplish a great project together. Have fun!